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Travelling has always been my passion. From the early years it has been very difficult to keep me at home. As far as I remember I was always eager to explore the world.

At the beginning my trips stretched slightly outside my backyard, however, my appetite for travelling was increasing in time. Wherever I was, I left a part of myself but I also brought with me a significant amount of admiration for the beauty, oddity, diversity and the climate prevailing in the cultures of smaller or bigger worlds I visited. The longing for everything that is far-off made me transfer some experiences and emotions to be more accessible whenever I feel the need. As a result, the idea of the Via Villa hotel, the place concentrating the whole world, was born. This is a special hotel taking my guests, family and adventure-lovers longing for travelling, to the corners of the world they have never been before.


I invite you to visit the unique place where the whole world is within arm’s reach.

The modern building with 38 accommodation places, a restaurant, a conference room with a new brand audiovisual equipment, a sound system, a flipchart and a banquet-wedding room designed in the American style. All the facilities delight guests with comfort and professional service.

The Via Villa Hotel is located in Nowe Kramsko only 700 m from Babimost airport and 30 km from Zielona Góra.

The hotel’s motto is a high standard service. You will be eager to come back here, whenever you want to go with us on a trip to the farthest corners of the world.

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