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We offer not only accommodation in unique apartments that will take you at the world’s end, but also business meetings, training banquets, cocktails…

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The whole world within arm’s reach? Comfortable and luxurious accommodation? Babimost and its airport within your reach? Come and visit the Via Villa.
The foundation of the hotel was insipired by the passion of the world’s exploration. The interiors make you want to travel to the most astonishing lands.
Come and experience the uniqueness of our hotel. Lubuskie voivodship is full of gorgeous places. Visit the region and appreciate it.
We offer splendid cuisine, great range of extraordinarily designed rooms to stay and the organization of special events. The atmosphere of Lubuskie province is filled with fairy-like colours, tastes and flavours. Find out how wonderfully you may spend your free time.
Relax in Lubuskie Via Villa. We warmly Welcome!

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